Riders have a great morning riding ‘Charley’

13 August 2017

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With our summer lunch party scuppered by the weather, several of our adult riders diverted to Lowlands Farm, to ride Charley, the mechanical horse…..in the warm and dry!  Jo W chose to practice various dressage movements. With constant feedback on your posture and aids, showing on the screen, it’s an intensive workout!  Jo P decided to go to the beach, trotting through the water and bravely cantering – TWICE!  Jules, Neil and Lisa all chose to visit the farm. Neil and Jules both worked hard to achieve rising trot, and really relaxed into Charley’s canter rhythm.  Lisa’s co-ordination was amazing as she steered through arches and halted Charley without any assistance, she clearly enjoyed the sense of independence.  It was a fun and functional couple of hours. Many thanks to Puffin for supporting our riders and Zia, from Lowlands, who was the technical guru.

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