New Saddle for Alfie

17 May 2017
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Regular saddle checks by a qualified Master Saddler are an important part of ensuring our ponies are comfortable in their tack.  Recently Alfie has been fitted with a new saddle as he has matured and changed shape since joining us.  Our thanks to Laura Dempsey for her expertise fitting and supplying the saddle.  We’re also very […]

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Meet Alfie, our new horse!

1 November 2015
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The Group has been able to purchase a new horse for our riders thanks to a £2,000 grant by the Zurich Community Trust (UK) Ltd. and the kind support from the organisers and supporters of the Admington Fun Horse Ride. ‘Alfie’ is a 5 year old, 15hh Irish cob. After a trial, he has commenced […]

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Badger joins the Group

19 December 2012

Thanks to the generosity of a couple from Admington our Group is now the proud owner of ‘Badger’ a lovely coloured cob.  Badger is 15hh and has already proved a hit with our riders.  Finding a mount that has a kind nature and suitable for our riders has been hard, but Badger fits the bill […]

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‘A Walk in the Wood’ by Fergal, Arthur’s brother

31 July 2012

Once upon a time a pony lived in a barn.  The pony was called Marco and was as black as the night.  One day, Marco went on a ride through the woods with the children Arthur and Michael.  The wood was dark and muddy with trees absolutely everywhere.  Marco was steady-footed and managed to walk […]

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Santander provides funding for a new pony!

29 June 2012

The Santander Foundation has just notified us that we have been successful in our appeal and been awarded a grant in order to buy a new pony. Fantastic news – we are actively looking for a suitable mount, 15hh cob type, with a willing and gentle nature. Hope it will not take too long!

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Epwell Grounds Fun Ride

11 September 2011

On 11th September we took Meg, Marco and Shadow with our riders Mathew L, Mathew S, Olivia, Arthur and Neil, to take part in the Epwell Grounds Fun Ride, organised by the Tysoe Primary School PTA. There was a steep hill which was a bit of a challenge, especially on the 2nd time round, but […]

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Marco and Shadow are Blessed!

11 May 2011
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Marco and Shadow took our volunteers Jill and Ann and were blessed by the Bishop of Coventry during a Fun Ride at Chesterton.

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