What a fabulous demonstration in Practical Horsemanship!

3 December 2012

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Grant Bazin and Dan Wilson who have worked with Mondy Roberts, the Horse Whisperer came to the yard yesterday, 2nd December and gave an awesome deomonstration in Practical Horsemanship.  Their first animal was almost unridden and using body language and their skills in desensitising the horse they were able to place a saddle and then a rider on his back within the hour.  Our own little Shadow was next and we were given practical skills into how to help him over his phobia of 2 side walkers.

During the break, John and Lisa had brought their beautiful carriage pulled by two polished grey horses all decked out in the spirit of Christmas.  Father Christmas had sneaked onto the back to give a surprise to the children who came and a few chocolates!

The last demostration was working with a horse who did not like being loaded into a horsebox.  After no more than 3/4 hour Grant and Dan had him entering the box on a very long lunge.  Amazing as at the start he really did not want to go anywhere near!

A great, interesting and educational afternoon and a great fundraiser for our group.   Thank you to all those who attended and helped.  We would like to especially thank Grant and Dan, John and Lisa for giving up their valuable time and supporting us.   If you would like to know more about the courses or events that the team provide, please click here www.practicalhorsemanship.co.uk.






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