Summer Camp and its hot again!

30 July 2013

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The start of the school holidays and once again we held our Summer Camp for our child riders.  Another heatwave!  We started Monday with our riders leading their ponies from the fields, grooming and tacking them up ready for their first ride.  Then it was off round the fields to find some air!  We all enjoy these hacks especially as we have such lovely views to admire.  When we got back the farrier had arrived and we watched all the ponies having their feet trimmed.  Keira was having new shoes fitted so the air got hotter with the smoke!  After lunch, the riders learnt all about the clothes ponies wear.  They were shown rugs, boots and bandages and had a go putting them on.  They then made stables to house a small porcelain pony that they were to paint the next day.  Then it was back to tacking up and out we went again for a Treasure Hunt.  Sheep’s wool, oak leaf and more to find!

Tuesday, and the riders were busy again, leading, grooming, tacking-up and this time plaiting manes and tails.  Bit of practice needed here we think!  Out again around the fields and the heat was relentless.  Karen, our Instructor’s idea of a slight incline seemed more like a mountain!  Later in the morning the vet came to look at the ponies teeth and we all watched as they were filed and polished – something that most of us had not seen before.  A gymkhana was fun in the afternoon by which time riders and volunteers alike were looking forward to a shower!  A lovely couple of days enjoyed by all.

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