Stratford upon Avon RDA family says Jo!

9 April 2020

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“In my opinion Stratford -upon Avon RDA group should more correctly be titled “Stratford-upon-Avon RDA family”. To me it is an extended family, as it has provided me with caring support through difficult times, offered me new friendships with volunteers and other riders, fun, and therapy which assists in the management of my MS symptom. All this as well as fulfilling its main aim of providing horse riding in a safe and secure environment. Sponsors and those who fund raise for us are an important part of our extended family. As a rider I may not know all of you by name, but I do recognise the essential role you play in our extended family.

Families are particularly important at this challenging time and it is good to know that in addition to our close families we are all also still part of the Stratford-upon-Avon RDA extended family.”


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