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9 October 2012

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Rider, Jo continues the Clwyd adventure…..

“Sunday October 7th 2012. Another beautiful sunny autumn day, so we can’t wait to get out on the track to look at the autumn colours. No stress but we are all doing proficiency tests later today. Chris is working well with Masala who is probably the naughtiest pony in terms of trying to snatch a mouthful of hedge as he goes by. Chris and Roger are making a sterling effort to keep him in the centre of the track and away from temptation. Matthew looks great  and very grown up on George, a very attractive and tidy looking bay, and Neil as ever has a big smile on his face as like me is riding a very good natured piebald. There is no wind today, just lovely warm sunshine so Jo P is much happier on Homer when we ride out. Tests were not as stressful as we all thought and we have heard everyone has passed which is great news.

Sandra and her team cooked a traditional Sunday lunch which was excellent. We were spoilt for choice on the main course, and a taste of the veggie nut roast was enough to make even the most committed carnivore consider becoming vegetarian. They say an army marches on its stomach and I think that is true of the Stratford RDA group whilst we are at Clwyd.  Certainly those not riding need the energy to march briskly up and down the hills. Pat decided on a quick stop to admire the view on one of our treks, and I suspect there were a few others who also benefitted from the brief rest. Karen seems to have endless energy and bounds from one end of the line of horses to the other seemingly oblivious of the steepness of the incline or descent.

After Sunday lunch the results of the photo competition were announced. Everyone brought photos of their youth or dressed in fancy dress. The easiest to guess was Karen’s photo. Who else would be sitting in a field with a pony’s head on her lap? Anne came first in the competition and Matthew won the wooden spoon.

Monday October 8th, our last day. The holiday seems to have raced by. The sun has gone, but we have soft welsh autumn mist which is beautiful in its own. It is quite mysterious as you can’t see the tops of the hills. We have a lovely hack out round the fields and the sensory rail which has dried out and then back to the indoor school and one last trot before saying goodbye to our ponies and to the staff at the riding centre.

It isn’t called Clwyd special riding centre for nothing. It is a very special place and we have had another very special holiday. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to such a special experience. Please can we come back next year?”

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