Chernobyl’s Children charity visit for a 2nd year

13 August 2015

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The Group joined forces with the Chernobyl’s Children Project (UK) Solihull group today, Thursday 13rd August, and welcomed them back to Home Farm for a second year. 12 children aged between 13 and 15, all in remission from various cancers, turned up with their own doctor and translators and our ponies and team of volunteers really enjoyed taking the children around the fields. It was such a pleasure to offer them the opportunity to ride as well as grooming and tacking up the ponies, learning how to clean tack and what horses can and cannot eat and decorating horse shoes.

They are staying near Solihull for four weeks for a recuperative holiday.  Holidays abroad are vital for these children, particularly in their teens, when many fall ill for a second or third time, and the death rate is very high.  Whilst here they have opticians and dental check-ups but CCP (UK) also organises various fun activities such as cycling, horse riding, arts & crafts and picnics. We look forward to welcoming them back in 2016.”


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