Archie wanted to share this!

9 April 2020

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Archie wanted me to tell you that riding ‘makes him feel good’.

We’re so pleased Archie, as you coming riding and your smile makes us feel good too!

Here’s what he wrote to Karen, our Coach, for the RDA UK Writing Competition

Dear Karen

I love horse riding. Even though it means I spend some time off school, I still love it.

I really like all the activities you set up for us. My most favourite thing to do is go outside and ride in the woods, especially when it’s Halloween, because sometimes we get chocolate. I also like getting to spot things in the woods like dinosaurs and foxes.

My most favourite thing to do inside is flip pancakes when it is pancake day. This year I managed to do it after a lot of practise. Also I liked it when my pony, Marco, tried to eat the lemon. This made me laugh.

I like trotting and am glad you have taught me to do it. When I ride Marco I feel happy and excited about the games we’re going to do. I thought I would never be able to ride a horse but now I can. Thank you so much for teaching me.

With love from Archie.

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