‘A Walk in the Wood’ by Fergal, Arthur’s brother

31 July 2012

in Summer Camp, The Horses, The Riders

Once upon a time a pony lived in a barn.  The pony was called Marco and was as black as the night.  One day, Marco went on a ride through the woods with the children Arthur and Michael.  The wood was dark and muddy with trees absolutely everywhere.  Marco was steady-footed and managed to walk over the roots on the ground.  Arthur laughed on Marco’s back and he snorted in surprise.

Charlotte was waiting back at the barn for the pony to come back and getting ready for her turn.  Arthur loved riding, brushing and cleaning horses and Marco loved being ridden brushed and cleaned.  What a coincidence!

There was barely any light getting through the thick tree leaves.  Marco was uncomfortable in the dark but he wasn’t afraid with Arthur on his back and adults by his side. It was a beautiful day out of the woods and it was meant to be the hottest of the year but inside the woods everything was dark and unknown things littered the floor but Marco loved it.  He was carrying someone on his back.  They enjoyed it so he enjoyed it.  They were out of the woods now and he could see the barn.  The gate opened and the group walked through.  They arrived back at the barn ready for the next ride.  Marco was very happy.

The End.

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