Our Sponsors

Sponsorship and donations are received from various sources and without their support we would not be able to continue.

We are grateful to all our supporters, sponsors and donors and apart from those corporate sponsors already mentioned we would like to say a special thank you to:

  • Mrs Jenny Allen
  • Betty Kensit Fund
  • Mrs Sue Blackburn
  • Claudia’s Closet
  • Mrs Margaret Clemons
  • Mrs Hazel Eburne
  • Mrs Marie Hopkins
  • Mrs Diana Garner
  • Mrs Heather Gerrard
  • Mrs Mary Hughes
  • Donna & Mike Jenkins
  • Mrs Pat Layton
  • Mrs Janet Marsh
  • Mrs Linda Morris
  • Mr Richard Ollis
  • St Peter’s Church, Kineton
  • Mark & Vanessa Petterson
  • Roger & Jill Pratt
  • Mr Anthony Reed
  • Mrs Diana Reed
  • Mr Mike Smith
  • Stratford on Avon District Council Chairman’s Charity
  • Stratford Dog Training Club
  • Mrs Verena Telling
  • Amanda Thomas
  • Mrs Anthea Whale
  • Warwickshire Keep Fit