Our Ponies

-8804Shadow is 13.2hh Born in 1990. As the eldest, he sometimes has a touch of the ‘grumpy old man’, but he always looks after his riders.  He’s been there and done it all!






IMG_1324Marco is a superstar. He is 13.1hh Born in 1993. He gives our riders lots of confidence and fun, both on and off the lead rein.  Adored by all – a true BF!






alfieAlfie – our latest addition (Oct 2015). A 15hh Irish Cob.  Born in 2010.  A youngster with a sensible head!  Good natured and calm.  Our new ‘dressage’ horse?!!







-9728Badger   A 15hh coloured cobb.  Born in 1998.  A real character!  Likes to be part of the action, however most of the time he decides how fast he goes and he loves to give his groom a hard time as he loves to roll!  His lovely nature is a hit with riders and volunteers alike.






MJM_8825Keira  –  A 14hh pony with a big heart.  Born in 2000.  She joined us in June 2013 and soon settled.  Good with riders off the lead rein and loves going on hacks and to competitions.